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Becoming aware of hurdles is the first step in the growth process and helps us to overcome problems in areas where we feel most vulnerable.

Destiny Coaching helps people propel their businesses and careers to the next dimension through a unique experience designed to help them fulfill their significant being. Destiny Coaching generates new possibilities through LaTasha's carefully guided process catered to each individual and the challenges they wish to address. It simply makes sense to hire a coach who has been where you are and is also a business owner. The positive synergy of significant coaching propels you toward your success far more quickly than doing it alone!

LaTasha begin with a complimentary session to help clients explore their coaching needs and identify key goals. Based on these inputs, coaching sessions are tailored to each clients needs.

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Every person longs for success, personally and professionally.  Entrepreneur LaTasha Walker answers that need by sharing powerful principles you can use to find greater success in every area of life. LaTasha has worked with corporate executives, small business owners and aspiring professionals to successfully identify, achieve and balance professional goals with personal 

needs.  It's LaTasha's Destiny to help others reach their Destiny!